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Global & Regional Offices Initiative Unlock market potential and ensure long-term growth with SUMAT Associates. Our innovative model establishes your dedicated global or regional office, streamlines your agent networks, and provides robust recruitment support along with insightful market analysis. 

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We empower you to:

  • Brand, market, and recruit on a global scale
  • Train, oversee, and inspire your recruitment agents
  • Efficiently handle application screening and processing
  • Offer detailed program insights
  • Leverage social media to broaden your reach
  • Enhance the number of international student enrollments
  • Schedule a Consultation to discuss how we can support your goals.

Targeted Market Strategies
•    South Asia Market: Tap into one of the world's most dynamic and rapidly growing educational markets. Position your institution in a market characterized by rapid growth and burgeoning educational needs.
Our Strategic Approach
•    Solidify Foundations - Empower Recruitment Channels: We enhance your recruitment capabilities, allowing you to focus on your core mission—education.
•    Broaden, Strengthen, Simplify Enrollments: Our streamlined processes make enrolling diverse student bodies simpler and more efficient.
•    Guaranteed Results, No Risk Model: Benefit from a transparent model that delivers thoroughly vetted, high-quality applications and boosts your institution's visibility and reputation.
Global Presence
•    Partnering with 4 Institutions based in Australia: We collaborate with educational institutions globally to foster growth and sustain long-term development.
•    From Local Impact to Global Expansion: Whether it’s across South Asia or Middle East, our customized recruitment solutions ensure a consistent influx of well-qualified international students, enhancing our partners’ academic influence and operational success.
Success Narratives
•    Achieving Enrollment Diversity: Our strategies have significantly improved enrollment diversity, enriching the campus experience for international students.
•    Global Success Stories: From enhancing diversity strategies at the Australian Harbour International College , to turning NAPS Institute of Higher education into a hub for international students, our impact is profound and far-reaching.
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SUMAT Associates, founded in 2020, is focused to increasing the global presence of Australian educational institutions in Southeast Asia. The agency specializes in developing strategic relationships, managing student recruitment, and implementing focused digital marketing strategies for the education industry. With a strong network that includes over four Australian schools, SUMAT has successfully enrolled thousands of students from South East Asia. The firm blends integrity, innovation, and expertise to provide its partners with long-term growth and increased reach. SUMAT Associates is the go-to expert for educational establishments who want to understand the complexity of international student recruiting.

Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal